Fresh apple juice


Fresh apple juice

Fresh juice is the best juice squeezed from fruit, served in a convenient form, which you always have to hand. Drinking in the morning, at breakfast or on the way to work, you have a moment to yourself. Fresh juice is squeezed directly after harvesting the fruit and poured directly into the bottle under aseptic conditions. With mild thermal treatment, it retains the qualities of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Nutritions in 100ml:

Energy value Energy value: 47 kcal (201 kJ)
Protein Protein: 0,4 g
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates: 10,5 g
Fat Fat: 0,4 g
Cellulose Cellulose: 1,4 g
Sodium Sodium: 0,0 g
Vitamins Vitamins: C - 30 mg (50%)
Fresh apple juice

PET 0,2 L

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